About JAC

Jigsaw is a playful puzzle game. 

We four artists are four humans living and constantly moving at quite a distance in time, space and life at large. 

What connects us would perhaps be our crisscrossing artistic intimacies in a virtual plain. 

We deal with jumbled genres of drawing, collecting, archiving, collage-ing, connect-ing, poem-ing, designing, cloth-hanging, texts and text-ing amongst us. 

Our histories pass through our varied moments, like bullet trains we have not yet travelled in. 

We still don’t know what connects us. 

We insert our stories in each work but in a way our languages are discreet. At some puzzling moments, in some attempts to make sense of each other’s works and lives, we realize that we only can love the other’s language, if not access, acquire and use it for any prescribed purpose and context. 

We are interested in non-prescribed spaces that we can create for our temporal uses anywhere in the world. 

It is our curiously mingling personal, political, and cultural embraces that bring us together from different parts of the world for a life together in collaboration and love, perhaps the only way ahead to deal with conflicts in this earth!

                                                                      Kavitha Balakrishnan